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Bouncy Betty startled awake to the sound of the beeping alarm. Unfortunately, her back was to the clock. Using her arm for leverage, she slid it underneath her humongous bosom and pried them from the bed. Grasping her wedged arm with her free one, she grunted and groaned as she slowly rolled onto her back. Momentum, however, had other ideas, and she didn't come to a stop until she was lying on her other side facing the alarm.

She managed to slap the off button and stop the annoying beeps, but it only solved one of her problems.


When Mac entered the room, he didn't say a word. He simply ambled over to the bed, rolled Betty onto her back, grabbed her underneath her arms and hauled her onto her feet.

"If you'd get one of those Craftmatic Adjustable Beds ™ like I told you too, I wouldn't have to come haul your ass out of bed every morning!"

"Oh quit complaining. You know all the boob jobs you get more than make up for it."

Betty yanked off the bra she'd worn during the day and night before and shuffled over to the dresser to pull a new one out of the drawer. Unfortunatley, it was a bottom drawer and she lost her balance and fell on her face.

"Good grief woman! Use the tongs! You're going to end up breaking your nose." Mac once again rolled her onto her back and hauled her to a standing position. "As many times as you've fallen, you should know by now that you're going to fall flat if you get over too far. You're too top heavy to bend more than a few degrees."

Shaking his head, Mac left the room and Betty sighed and grabbed the plastic salad tongs from the top of the dresser. Using her foot to catch the latch and open the drawer, she held onto the edge for support and leaned to the side and snatched a new bra using the plastic utensil. She had to hold onto it tightly to keep from losing a grip on the heavy garment.

After finally getting dressed, Betty strolled into the kitchen and grabbed a pan from the top cabinet. She whipped together some eggs and poured them into the pan. She stood in front of the stove and stirred the eggs… or at least she hoped she did. Her boobs were so big she couldn't actually see the pan. Hell, she could barely reach it.

"Mac, what's the air set on? It sure is hot in here."

Betty suddenly realized the heat centered on the underside of her breasts, and she jumped back from the stove. "Oh my god, my boobs are on fire!" she screamed.

"No they aren't," Mac responded. "They're just smoking. You should've known that would happen. Just stick to cereal like you always do. You don't have to worry about catching yourself on fire that way."

Betty turned off the stove and pulled a bowl and a box of cereal off the top shelf. "I should have just gone to McDonald's," she grumbled.


"Betty, you're wanted on the set." The young assistant held the door open for the heavily endowed actress.

Betty squeezed through the door way and walked over to the bed being used for the shoot. "How do you want me?" she asked as she pulled off her top and waited as the assistant helped her take off the bra.

"Lie down on your back first. We're going to get a titty fuck shot. After that, we'll pull you up so you can do a doggy."

"Wonderful," Betty muttered.

"Bouncy Betty, tit shot, take one!"

She put a hand under each breast to steady them as best she could as the male actor poured warm baby oil in the deep valley between them. He slid in between and worked up to a steady rhythm. The problem was that Betty wasn't allowed to put her hands on top of her huge mounds and as he began to thrust more vigorously, her huge breasts bounced and jiggled so much that they banged into her chin.

With each plunge between them, her shimmying breast slapped harder against her face. The force they carried grew stronger as the actor really got into his role. With the large amount of weight centered in her breasts, Betty soon had a headache from all the banging going on. After a particularly violent thrust, stars formed in front of her eyes and then… darkness.


"Betty? Can you hear me? Are you okay?"

"What happened?" Betty stammered as her eyes fluttered open and the concerned face of the crew swam into focus.

"Well… it seems you umm… knocked yourself out," the pretty young assistant said.

"Knocked myself out? How did I do that?"

"The forceful fucking caused your boobs to fly up and hit your face. One hit was obviously strong enough to knock your lights out," the director explained.

"That's it!" Betty screamed as she struggled to sit up. The people around her quickly helped her to her feet. "I quit! Right now, I'm going home to take a well deserved nap and then I'm going to call a plastic surgeon and schedule an appointment to make these horrible things MUCH smaller!"

"Betty, please, think this through before you make a rash decision," pleaded the director who could see the cash draining quickly from his bank account.

"There's nothing to think about. No amount of money in the world is worth going through what I have and it's not even lunch time. I was an idiot to let you talk me into this. I want my normal boobs back, and I'm going to get them! Bouncy Betty is no more!"

And she did exactly what she said she would and much enjoyed being able to bend over without falling flat on her face.


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